Metal Decorative Round Neck Lanterns Sleeve Chiffon Blouse CC26

Chiffon as lightweight fabrics, especially easy ventilation, feel is soft, stylish female pursuit of fashion fabrics. Female dressing Chiffon appears elegant charming and elegant. Chiffon blouse elegant cool, very feminine, can well reflect the female style. So if you want to better reflect own style, chiffon blouse is your best choice. Now here is a very suitable for your product. We will tell you more detail about the Metal Decorative Round Neck Lanterns Sleeve Chiffon Blouse.



Length: 58cm

Shoulder: 36cm
Bust: 94cm
Error range: 1-2cm
Color: black, white

Clothing Length:Regular

Pattern Type:Solid


Fabric Type:Chiffon



Sleeve Length:Full


The blouse tailor brings a layered effect. It can better show female noble and elegant. In the meantime, the metal decorative of the blouse will make the blouse more shining and more charming. With lanterns sleeve, this blouse would create sense of mystery for you. The quality of blouse is very good. This blouse has two colors for you to choice. Not only elegant white but also mystery black is the fashion style.

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Round-Neck Bat Sleeve Dot Printing Mini Skirt CD8

In the summer, people always buy some new clothing for self. For a woman, it’s essential for her to own a beautiful and fashion skirt in her wardrobe. But many women don’t know the fashion style skirt in this summer. Don’t you want to be a fashion woman different from other people? Or you don’t know how to catch up with the element of vogue? Don’t worry about it. Now we will introduce a 2012 new fashionKoreastyle mini skirt to you.

As we all know, a skirt with polka dot represent the element of breezy and lovely and classic. So this product will bring a vivid style to you. It can give people around you a new image if you wear this skirt. In the meantime, you can show you pretty leg because of short skirt.  Moreover, with false two pieces, this mini skirt is provided with distinct levels.  In the end, the bat sleeve also shows you different idea about clothing well.  Are you eager to own such a new fashion skirt now? there are detail about this Round-Neck Bat Sleeve Dot Printing Mini Skirt in the following paragraph.

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Hot Drilling Pleated Epaulettes Lace Leopard Pattern Top Chiffon Blouses CC18

There are many clothing in the store for people to choice and wear. There are many women hope to select a proper clothing to show her different and charming aspect. If you are a lover of leopard, you can’t miss this lace leopard pattern top chiffon blouse. I would like to tell detail about that product in the following paragraph.



Length: 70cm
Sleeve: 63cm
Shoulder: 38cm
Color: Leopard

Style: fake two – piece


Clothing Length:Regular

Pattern Type:Leopard


Fabric Type:Knitted



Sleeve Length:Full

As we all know, leopard is famous for its wild nature. But it’s the same to you to show you wild heart different from people around if you own this product. It’s a nice choice for you to change a new style. Of course, as a gift, it’s also a nice choice for you to give your friends and relative.

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Bohemia Style Long Section Solid Color Harness Dress CD4

Four seasons in one year every one have own characteristics. As we all know, summer is famous of enthusiasm and vigor. Many people think summer just like a human race who is in youth. In the summer, people always like to show self in many ways for giving others a special image. And it’s indispensable for women to own a beautiful and fashion shirt that can attract people’s vision.  Today I will introduce you aBohemiastyle Harness Dress which l like very much.

Here is the detail on this dress.

Waistline:NaturalFabric Type:Broadcloth Dresses Length:Ankle-Length Silhouette:Pleated  SleeveLength:Sleeveless  SleeveStyle:Spaghetti Strap   Pattern Type:Solid  Style:BohemianMaterial:Cotton,Polyester

With blue and white color, the Solid Color Harness Dress will give you two different grids. It’s said that white is standard of purity and innocence and blue is in the name of steady and honest. So whatever temperament you want to be, this dress would give you a pleased answer.

Another side, many women are worried about the figure herself that isn’t slim. So it’s not prefect for them to wear mini skirt.  Now Long Section Solid Color Harness Dress would solve that problem well. Not only can it give you a pretty image, but also it can cover the un-prefect figure.

Time goes by so quickly. As a human race, it’s not longtime for him to own a wonderful youth. So, don’t hesitate anymore.

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Hip Up Underwear Silicone Buttocks Pads with Panty CD11

Have you ever envied someone else’s sexy figure? Aren’t you angry about your boyfriend who always stares at other women with beautiful shape when you’re going shopping? Are you lost you heart to you un-rounded buttock when you compared you to other women? It’s not enough sexy for women to own dropping buttock. But now, there has a product can help you to solve that problem.

The following paragraphs will show you the detail about Hip Up Underwear Silicone Buttocks Pads with Panty .

1) Made of pure silicone gel

2) Soft and smooth touch feeling as same as skin

3) Can be put into to use

4) Easy to clean, reusable

5) Heightens flat buttocks, uplifts dropping buttocks

6) Shapes feminine, sexy and buttock cur

7) Invisible. Only you know their existence

SIZE              M        L       XL                 Waist circumference (cm)   60-70    68-78      76-86

Hip circumference (cm)      85-93     90-98     95-103

This Hip Up Underwear is useful and efficient. Your buttocks will be uplifted at once if you wear it. And next time, you will find that you get a S-body shape. In the Meantime, whatever clothing you wear, what a sexy women you are. Without a doubt, not only your buttocks bust also your self-confidence will be built up.

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Purple Harness Lace Sexy Underwear Fold Hem Sexy Dress CX10

Do you know? Men always hope women to show different aspects in different accessions. However, a woman with sexy will hold a man’s vision all the time. Because a woman in sexy is the most charming posture in the man’s eyes. It’s said that, what a sexy woman you are, what the tempting woman you are. Do you think it’s hard to you to be a sexy woman? Are you worry about that you husband are less interesting in you. Don’t worry about that. The only wrong thing you did was you don’t know how to show you charming aspect.  However, maybe you are lack of a Purple Harness Lace Sexy Underwear.

  Now, we will introduce you Purple Harness Lace Sexy Underwear Fold Hem Sexy Dress in the following paragraph.


Color: Purple Fabric: Polyester  Size: Free Size (150cm-170cm)

Special Use: Exotic Apparel

Place of Origin:GuangdongChina(Mainland)


Silhouette: A-Line

Sleeve Length: Sleeveless


Making of lace ,this underwear will likes you second skin. It’s very comfortable for you to wear. And you will becomes more sexy for it’s design. It only sale $5.0 ,very cheap, isn’t it? So, no matter what a surprised image you want to give him or you want to change yourself,it is a nice choice.

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Thicker Invisible Self-Adhesive Strapless Silicone Breast Bra W8

It’s a magical product about women. It‘s essential for women to own such a product. It’s easily for a woman to add up more point on beauty for herself. With a magical power, its shape looks small. You can not believe how pleased it can provide to a woman if you try to wear it yourself. As a woman who wants to make yourself more charming, you cannot miss this product. Now we would like to introduce Thicker Invisible Self-Adhesive Strapless Silicone Breast Bra for you. In the following paragraph is the detail of Silicone Breast Bra.

And I want to talk something about that Silicone Breast Bra. My friend sandy looks like more beautiful than before. What’s the secret about that? Is the Silicone Breast Bra that gave her a pretty body shape “I am so proud of my body shape now,” she said. And I also think its worth to you to own it.

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Butterfly Pattern Stainless Steel Hand Warmer W6

These days we found the Butterfly Pattern Stainless Steel Hand Warmer.

If winter comes, what will you like to use to against the cold? Many people will make use of the hot water bottle and Electric heating equipment to keep their body more warmer. However, don’t you think that it’s too clumsy and heavy for you to take and move? Are you annoyed with this problem? As a fashion person, have you ever wanted a product convenient and useful? Without a doubt, Stainless Steel Hand Warmer is the product what you want.




Size: 102 * 69 * 10mm; color: Mirror silver; Material: Stainless iron; Burner size: Medium. It’s very convenient for you to hang it on the breast to keep a warm environment for you heart. And you can put it in the hang when your hangs fell cold outdoors. The most important thing is that the product can keep warm long times and less energy consumption. This product is very environmental protection, easy to use. The quality is high and the price is reasonable.

When cold winter coming, are you ready a different warm winter?

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Chinese Style Cotton Loose Bat Sleeve T-shirt CC25

As a country with 5000-years of history,Chinahas the oldest culture in the world. That is not doubts that more and more people from all over the world what to recognize and understand the culture of china. Are you a lover of Chinese culture? Did you be attracted by Chinese tradition?

As we know, something about China in the world becomes more and more popular. The Confucius Institute has been establishing in all over the world for people who want to learn Chinese. Now, let’s imagine that is what a fashion thing if you own a Chinese style T-shirt full of Chinese?

I think you must want to own that T-shirt.

Don’t worry; we will show you about Chinese Style Cotton Loose Bat Sleeve T-shirt.

Chinese Style Cotton Bat Sleeve T-shirt

Chinese Style Cotton Bat Sleeve T-shirt

Description: Size: free  before length: 56cm  Back length: 60cm Bust: 130cm  Cirm.: 85cm Shoulder and Sleeve Length: 27cm

Cuff: 26cm .

Sleeve Length:Short   Collar:O-Neck   Material:Cotton  Fabric Type: Woven  Style: Casual  Pattern Type:Letter  Clothing Length:Long   Tops Type:Tees

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Bend Antis lip Front Buckle Y- Style Straps Cotton Sports Bra CU2

Now, we would like to introduce you the Bend Antis lip Front Buckle Y- Style Straps Cotton Sports Bra.


All over the world, people like sports. We can not work all the time if we are going to stay healthy and enjoy life. However, there are many girls worried about the bra they wear weren’t stable and strong in sports. So, the problem created that the girls can’t enjoy sports complete. But now you don’t worry about the problem if you have the Buckley- Style Straps Cotton Sports Bra.

There are more about that product we will tell you now. the color have black and white ,size: 34-38; cup:75B 80B 85B; Material; cotton. Feature: Moisture Permeability; Butterfly Cup design; Shrink Gather, Comfortable to wear; Three-dimensional non-slip wide strap; Widening the side ratio. Bra Style: Push Up. Cup Shape: Three Quarters (3/4 Cup).  Closure Type: Front Closure.  Strap Type :Y-line Straps

It’s comfortable to wear for the Sports Bra made of cotton. Compared to traditional product made of other material, the body will breathe more fresh air if you wear Y- Style Straps Cotton Sports Bra in sports. Meantime, the special strap type of Y-line strap will offer a more stable and safe protection for you in sport.

If you also draw you heart in it of stylish, why not buy Sports Bra for yourself or you wife? Listen, the passion of sport is calling you.

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